Nike+ Mobile
May - September 2009 | Visit
Created by the Nike+ team at R/GA.

After succesfully redesigning Nike+ and integrating it into the Nike OS framework, the next step was to allow Nike+ users to review their activity on their mobile device. A large portion of the site experience is Flash-based, so a mobile project required rethinking and redesigning whole sections of the site. The most important visual decision was to leave the run graph on the site, and concentrate on the data of each run, putting more emphasis on the tags the user can add.

A second imperative was to allow users a quick view into their goal, challenge and Coach progress, in order to help plan their next run.

Wireframes and Final Designs

My Runs 

Landing and Runs 

Levels 1-3 

Levels 4-6 

Tag a Run 

Runs and Tags 

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