Nike+ Redesign
November 2008 - June 2009 | Visit
Created by the Nike+ team at R/GA.

Two years after launching Nike+, the site had 2 million registered runners and more than 100 million synced miles. In the fall of 2008 Nike asked us to redesign the site to the evolving needs of our users, while also merging it with the content previously provided by the Nike Running blog. The old Nike+ site had been growing organically, and the original navigation structure was no longer able to support the different new sections of Nike+. The new site had to include all of the Nike+ sections, as well as provide e-commerce, training, news and music stories. Our tasks included:


The Nike Running site was recently featured in a Forrester report.
" embodies the three principles of Emotional Experience Design by focusing on training instead of products, offering content and tools that create a clear brand personality, and engaging users with well-integrated video and tactile experiences."

Strategy boards, wireframes and final designs

Scenarios - Getting Started 

Navigation v.1 

Navigation v.2 

Runs - Wireframe and Final Design 

Run - Wireframe and Final Design 

Challenge - Wfm and Final Design 

Challenge Complete - Wfm and Design 

Create Challenge - Wfm and Design 

Dashboard View Of All Activities 

Level Colors Throughout Experience