Nike+ Active - Tracking Daily Pedometer Use
July - November 2009 | Visit Nike+ Active
Created by the Nike+ team at R/GA.

When Apple decided to include a pedometer functionality in the new Nano 5G, they turned to Nike to develop a website destination. R/GA worked with Nike on the strategy around this site called Nike+ Active, and we developed the first release in a month and a half.

Release 1.0

The first release was built around the idea of destination and food goals achieved by calculating the total steps completed. Both the ideas and the illustrations are designed in a playful and engaging manner, transforming the act of walking into a game.

Release 1.1

Because of the time constraints, we had started out with only 12 goals, and so in October we decided to add to the gameplay by developing a 13th goal and a new set of rules. The 13th goal, a candy piñata bursts to reveal a new challenge - beating the whole set of goals with a faster time. The user is given a calendar and a progress bar to keep her on track. If she completes the challenge, she also earns a new trophy.

Apple keynote, strategy boards, wireframes and final designs

Steve Jobs introduces Nike+ Active 

Steve Jobs introduces the pedometer 

First Sync - Landing Screen 

Beat Your Time - Wfm and Design 

Loop Progress - Wfm and Design 

Success - Wfm and Design 

Piñata - the 13th goal