My Napa Mobile
December 2005 - June 2006

My Napa Mobile was a pilot software for an automated sales force automation (SFA) tool for NAPA. The software company I worked for, XL Group, had received an initial contract to design a new sales tool and deploy it to an alpha group of 50 users. I created the design of the software, and during development worked on interviewing NAPA sales people in the field, as well as conducting paper prototyping sessions, flows and charts. After reviewing and defining the main functions of the application we tested the app for the VX-6700 Pocket PC in a series of paper prototype sessions. Our user sessions were hugely successful and helped refine the experience flow and finalize the product. As a final small touch, I created the stylized logo which would scale easily and still be recognizable as a NAPA trademark. The software has since been adopted widely by NAPA's salesforce.

Collection of Wireframes and Designs